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Hi! I'm Melanie Magdalena, aka M2, and I create things.

Hello internet friend!

Nestled in vibrant downtown Austin, Texas, I navigate life's adventures in cyberspace, on foot, or via public transit. I've been on a plant-based diet since 2008 and car-free since mid-2023.

I graduated from the University of New Mexico with Bachelor’s of Science in Anthropology, concentrated in Archaeology and a minor in Earth and Planetary Science. (AKA I have a piece of paper that says I know how to dig up dead peoples' trash 😉). I've always been fascinated by human stories and the traces we leave behind. But my true passion lies in exploring the present and shaping the future.

I've ventured into the realms of digital media, design strategy, development, and accessibility, largely as a self-taught enthusiast. My work is passively in Digital Marketing as a Studio of One. Somehow it all leads back to marketing... haven't figured out how to get rid of it yet!

My love for open source, open science, and open knowledge drives me to learn, share, and grow continuously.

I am an advocate for accessibility, I believe in a world (digitally and physically) that welcomes all.

My mantra is "I create things." It's simple, yet it encapsulates everything I do and aspire to be. One day might be a webpage, another a bracelet, and next week the most OCD Google Drive organization system. Really, creating is everything I do. The niche is creating.

Explore my highlights.

This space

This website is a repository of musings and mindfulness. I delve into how people use space. And share my experiences of surviving and (hopefully) thriving in the complex world of late-stage capitalism.

There's also notes about conferences and events I've participated in, alongside miscellaneous guides on digital marketing things I wish had existed when I needed them.

This space is for those who are curious about mindfulness, seek inspiration in coping with the modern world, or are eager to explore urban landscapes and trails.


I'm currently writing about mindfulness, leading towards an exciting venture: my eBook! It's written for those who want to embrace mindfulness in their daily lives.

Connect with Me

Feel free to connect, share, or just say hi! Your thoughts and experiences matter to me. I'm mostly scrolling on Twitter and Instagram/Threads, but I open LinkedIn frequently enough to advertise it.

Whether you're here for insights, inspiration, or just a good read, let's explore the possibilities together.

~ m2creates (aka Melanie E. Magdalena) - Creating, Exploring, Inspiring.