I Create
User Experience

From Zero to Launch in 15 Weeks

πŸ”ŽContent Audit +

Weeks 1-7

All the bells and whistles of web design are only as effective as the content on each page. I will audit your existing content and provide a strategy plan to encapsulate your audience. Once all the content is ready, and it 100% aligns with your business goals, we'll design and develop your new digital presence.

🎨Design +

Weeks 8-14

With your content primed, we can focus on making every design decision effective for you business. By default, your new site will have a home page, contact and FAQ, about page, and most importantly showcase your services. We'll merge your message with your branding for a brand new digital image.


Week 15 and Beyond

When your site is complete, it's time to launch! We'll walk through your strategy plan for the coming months to create engaging blog content, building an email list, downloadable value propositions, and more! We'll tailor the future of your content engagement to maximize your audience's attention and conversion.


Meet the Subject Matter Experts

Jordan Madrid

Promotional Video

Morgan Harrell

Technical Writing
Data Analyst

Kelvin Krupiak

Marketing Strategist: Social Media + Video
WordPress Design + Development

Brandi Bailey

Web Design + Development
Graphic Design + Branding


How do I decide if you're a good fit for my project?

Get in touch! I offer free 30 minute evaluations over appear.in to determine your project's needs, the scope, and pricing. Let's see if we're a good fit for each other!

How long does the process take?

After our evaluation you request a project proposal. I'll create a timeline that works with your availability. Projects range from 7 to 15 weeks depending on both parties' availability.

What are your favorite project topics?

My favorite projects involve local businesses, education & science, personal portfolios, community engagement, and anything that's an interactive multimedia focus is an added bonus.

What types of sites do you create?

My focus is on content strategy and static site development. I do not develop from scratch for Content Management Systems or E-Commerce. If your project requires either of those, I will refer part of the development phase to one of my awesome partners so your CMS/E-Commerce site rocks.

Do you have partners for areas you don't focus on?

Yes! I am happy to refer you to an expert to assist you in any area I don't explicitly cover. Be sure to mention everything you need during your evaluation so we can all coordinate availability for your project timeline. Curious who I work with? Meet my collaborators.

What do you do again?

I design experiences for digital environments with creativity, innovation, and interactivity. I love evolving projects to focus on user experience and accessibility.


Explore my Current + Favorite Projects


Nintendo Gaming Blog + Podcast

The Ruby Bird

Ministry intersecting Science + Religion


Architectural Design Firm


Personal Writing Portfolio

Origins Scientific Research Society

Open Science Publishing Portal

Fatsack Gaming

Twitch Broadcaster + Content Creator

The Mentor Group

Bringing LGBTQ Equality to the Workplace

The Sydney Chronicles

Photo Journal Blog + Annual Book Prints

Tiger Prints 3D

3D Printing as a Service

Los Alamos
High Flyers Gymnastics

Site redesign with a CMS
Focus on Class Sign-Ups + Scheduling

The History of New Mexico

Multimedia Interactive Learning Experience
for online + in-person course.

About m2

Melanie E Magdalena

I am a Creator. I am a Scientist.
I am a Technologist. I am a Person.
I make Journeys.

I solve problems by building systems and experiences with data analysis, content strategy, design sprints, and automation pipelines.

My mission as a bilingual creator and developer is to bridge gaps in society with technology and information. My background is rich in natural sciences and digital media, complemented by specialized studies in anthropology, earth science, and design strategy.

I have visited archaeological sites in the Americas and Spain, and I have conducted fieldwork in New Mexico, Texas, Alaska, and Belize. All this inspired me to be an archaeologist. My journey began as founder, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Origins Scientific Research Society, where I hone my development skills and continue my scientific research.

As a budding web developer, I launched Origins – a journal about science – with over 4 million readers worldwide. Not only is it among the first of its kind, but it is interactive, open access, and free to read and contribute to!

When I'm not building web applications, designing content, or learning a new programming language you'll find me reading books made from trees, experimenting with a new vegan recipe, hiking through an archaeological site in a tropical location, photographing sea creatures in a scuba adventure, chasing astronomical phenomena to record it on film, playing video games (mostly PokΓ©mon), or relaxing at home watching e-sports (probably League of Legends).


The formal stuff with paper proof

2014 B.S. Anthropology, cum laude @ University of New Mexico

Concentration: Archaeology
Minor: Earth + Planetary Sciences

Career Highlights

9 Years of Memorable Moments + Achievements


πŸŒ™ Trifecta: Super Blue Blood Moon Total Eclipse @ Albuquerque, NM

🚒 Started launch sequence for 12 Projects in 12 Months:
(1) Archinia
(2) Weather Dashboard
(3) M2 Redesign
(4) Slack App: /tablefip + Bug Bot + Airtable Search
(5) E-Morgaine Redesign
(6) M2 Resume Site
(7) Dynamic Login/Sign Up
(8) Static Medium
(9+) To Be Announced


πŸŒ‘ Great American Total Solar Eclipse @ North Platte, NE

πŸ“· First featured in Unsplash + added to the Mac App with "Illuminate"

πŸŽ‰ Origins 8th Birthday!

🏑 Joined Easy Agent Pro's remote team as a Project Manager / Web Designer / QA tester / Automation Engineer + Senior Fire Extinguisher (plus other duties as assigned)


πŸ… Award: NAPW VIP Woman of the Year - Multimedia

πŸ“£ Featured in NAPW's Women 360: Member Spotlight


πŸš€ CNM MILE - The History of New Mexico

πŸ–₯ Developed Media Labs for Distance Learning faculty

πŸ“Š Presented: Beyond PoisonPoint - Enhancing Your Course with Multimedia + Augmented Video - It's More Than Pressing Play


πŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ’»Multimedia Specialist @ Dept. of Distance Learning, CNMCC

πŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ’»Web Assistant @ Dept. of Anthropology, UNM

πŸ… Award: Superior Undergraduate Student

πŸŽ“ Certifications: Blackboard Admin Course Delivery & Content Management

πŸ“£ Recognition: UNM Anthropology Newsletter

⛏ Field work: Gateway to the Americas II, AK

πŸ“Š Presented: Inked - A 5,000 Year Old Tattooing Tradition Among Us


πŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ”¬ Lab Research Assistant @ Dept. of Anthropology, UNM

πŸ“· Became a Google Glass Explorer

⛏ Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project @ San Ignacio, Belize

⛏ Geoarchaeology @ San Luis de CabezΓ³n, NM with Bureau of Land Management + Office of Contract Archaeology


πŸŽ’ Archaeological Site-Hopping for "Doomsday 2012" @ Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico + Belize

πŸ”­ Transit of Venus @ Round Rock, TX

πŸ“– Published the first issue of Origins + archaeological research in The Silo and AncientPlanet Online Journal

πŸŽͺ Coordinated ACC's 1st Annual Social Media Communication Forum

πŸ“£ Interviews: The Daily Lobo, "Plying Their Craft" @ UNM Art Fair + Paper.li, "Melanie Magdalena: Digital Indiana Jones"

πŸ… Awards: Public Anthropology (+ campus recognition) + National Excellence in Leadership + Amigo Transfer Scholarship @ University of New Mexico


πŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ’» Internship @ The Dream Tree, Austin, TX: viral social media marketing

πŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ’» Officer of Internet Technology and Publicity @ Sigma Alpha Pi

πŸŽ“ Certification: Site Recognition & Documentation

⛏ Ethnoarchaeology @ Orange Walk, Belize

⛏ Colonial archaeology @ Rancho de las Cabras, TX


🐬 Internship @ Dolphins Plus, Key Largo, FL: Marine mammal conservation + animal psychology

πŸŽ“ Certification: PADI Open Water Diver


✈️ Founded Origins Scientific Research Society on a plane ride from Mexico City to Austin