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#ShipSaturday: The Making of Shatter - Static Stream Package

Uses: Figma

I learned how to use Figma live by making a graphics pack for OBS.

Shatter, static stream package Figma template

The challenge: Ship something for Ship Saturday by Shipstreams!

I put out a poll on Friday to see what I should create and a Twitch stream package won! In a comment, Dave Craige asked if I'd tried out Figma yet - which I had, but hadn't given it much love since I tend to hop into code... It's faster for me to write CSS than fight software to draw a button. Since my new project would involve designing graphics, I started from scratch in Figma to design what would become Shatter.

Update (2022-03-13): I'm a terrible person and miscloned Shatter when I set up my own stuff... so it is very pink and purple, themed for me, and a whole lot less shattery now. But feel free to still use this as a starting point for your stream!

Meet Shatter

Shatter is an origami-esque polygon design for OBS/Xsplit built with Figma which includes:

  • Static background images
  • A webcam frame overlay
  • Panel templates and a Banner image for your Twitch profile
  • Offline background for your broadcast profile (such as Twitch)

Shatter preview

Why Figma? Figma is web-based making it ideal for anyone who doesn't have OS-dictated software. It also has a free tier so you don't need to dump money into something for just one thing. (But if you love it, please consider supporting them by upgrading to a paid account :D)

Play Figma Twitch Overlay Recap Watch clip on Twitch

Get Shatter

Start customizing Shatter! First you'll need to get the files.

  1. Log in to Figma. You can create a free account or sign in with Google.
  2. Open up Shatter.
  3. You'll want to create a copy with the Duplicate to your Drafts option.

Copy the Figma file to your account

Customize Shatter

Now that you have the files, it's time to make it your own. Head over to the Settings Page.


You can change the colors used across the package via Local Styles in the right-hand sidebar. Select the color and click the toggle to open up the color picker. When you like the hue, simply click out of the color picker.

Change the color


Change your handle (mine is @m2creates) on the Headline frame in the Username symbol. This will update your handle across all the backgrounds.

Readjust the Shatter symbol on its left if your handle overlaps. You can also reposition the Social Group symbol.

Social Icons

The Headline frame has a symbol called Social Group. You can swap out or add additional icons with the Detach Instance option.

Detach intance

Detaching the instance will let you nest new icons inside the symbol so it updates everywhere at once.

Change the Text

You can change the text:

  • from the Backgrounds page for Backgrounds and Offline Image
  • from the Panels page for Panel and Banner images

Click on the frame you would like to edit and navigate to the Text object of the symbol. You can interact with the text by double clicking and typing out what you'd like on the graphics.

Edit the text

Export Shatter

In order to export your new images, you will need to download the edited frames as 2x PNGs.

You can select one or multiple frames on a Page via the left sidebar.

Once your desired frames are selected, choose 2x and PNG from the Export module in the right sidebar. A dialog prompt will open for you to choose the download destination.

Export your frames

By exporting at 2X resolution, your images will scale down to a crisp output on both your broadcasting software and Twitch's upload UI.

Watch the broadcast

Play Project: Shatter [Ship Saturday] Watch collection on Twitch

Tags: design challenge

Thanks for reading! If this helped or you learned something, Buy Me A Coffee.