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Chat Interaction Challenge

Uses: Adobe illustrator

A material design for chat, inspired by the question: What if Signal, Google Hangouts, and Slack had a baby?

A chat app with threads, group chats, and direct messages with implied web and SMS support.
Material Chat, designed by me! (Formerly @eli_archgirl on the interwebs.)

🏆 Honorable mention

Chat Interaction Challenge
Design a friendly and engaging Chat Interaction UI for mobile or web.

My Chat Interaction Challenge UI is inspired by the question: "What if Signal, Google Hangouts, and Slack had a baby?"

The result, in my opinion would be:

  • Quick access to unread messages in threads
  • Messaging for groups (for both friends and coworker teams) and between individuals
  • Emoji, image, video, camera, attachment, and location support in addition to just text/instant messaging
  • Easy access to start a voice call, video call, or view profile details (i.e. phone number, current chat status)
  • Bookmarks to save media from a conversation to use/see later or to even send someone else!

Note: Who else remembers the good old days of having web messenger apps with mobile SMS support? Hangouts did it first, Signal brought it back, and now this feature doesn't exist in 2022. /tableflip

Screens from the app. Login, 3 onboarding panels, a view of a chat group with 3 conversation participants, and the navigation drawer.
Screens for the hypothetical app.

In addition to Adobe Illustrator, I used the following resources:

You can download the .AI file from UpLabs (made with Adobe Illustrator CS6).

Tags: ui challenge material design

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